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  1. Flavours of Fieldwork Secret Kitchen series

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    Flavours of Fieldwork in association with the SOAS Food Studies Centre Anna is hosting a series of dinners based on anthropology PhD students’ research in Morocco, Japan, China and Greece. Each dinner will bring to life recipes and stories from fieldwork in home kitchens, restaurants, shops and archives, reveal some surprising insights into cuisines you […]

  2. Secret Kitchen, Fri 17th & Sat 18th Feb 2017 – Cantonese masala

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      Cantonese masala: the surprising stories of spicy food in China’s Pearl River Delta Take a journey into the kitchens and cafes of 19th century Canton as we explore how experiments with spices have resulted in dishes that are now part of Macanese, Hong Kong or Cantonese culinary heritage.   ‘Star Ferry’ sours Vodka-based cocktails flavoured with fresh tamarind, […]

  3. Char siu pork

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    This is a popular Chinese barbecue dish, also common in Vietnam, where it’s called thit xá xíu.  It is absolutely delicious with rice and salad, in bánh mì (Vietnamese baguette sandwiches), in steamed buns or just on its own as soon as you’ve sliced it.  This recipe is thanks to Andrea Nguyen, author of ‘Into […]