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  1. Flavours of Fieldwork Secret Kitchen series

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    Flavours of Fieldwork in association with the SOAS Food Studies Centre Anna is hosting a series of dinners based on anthropology PhD students’ research in Morocco, Japan, China and Greece. Each dinner will bring to life recipes and stories from fieldwork in home kitchens, restaurants, shops and archives, reveal some surprising insights into cuisines you […]

  2. Secret Kitchen, Fri 9th & Sat 10th Dec 2016 – regional Japanese cooking

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      Regional food in Japan reveals a rich variety of cooking styles, tastes and ingredients. While some of these are seen as deeply embedded in the history and cultural practices of an area, others are identified as recently invented ‘traditions’. Both give insights into some of the social and political factors involved in the construction […]

  3. Miso

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    Miso is Japanese fermented soybean paste.  It looks like peanut butter and smells bad.  But don’t let this put you off.  It adds an intense and savoury depth and complexity to many dishes.   It is high in ‘umami’ – the fifth (and best) basic taste, after sweetness, saltiness, bitterness and sourness.  Other umami-rich foods […]

  4. Black cod with miso

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    It was fairly clear in the end: Black cod: 9; Roast chicken: 6; Aubergine soup: 5; Squash soup: 2 Thanks for all the votes.  You were right about the squash soup – it’s not quite as nice as the other dishes.  I’ll send the recipes for the chicken and the aubergine soup another week.  The […]

  5. Pot stickers

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    OK, this one looks a little long and complicated… BUT you should try it as really it’s easy and the results are delicious.  Let me know which option you like best if you try them.  I guess Sainsbury’s might not do pot sticker wrappers and you may need visit your local Chinatown, if you have […]