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  1. Flavours of Fieldwork Secret Kitchen series

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    Flavours of Fieldwork in association with the SOAS Food Studies Centre Anna is hosting a series of dinners based on anthropology PhD students’ research in Morocco, Japan, China and Greece. Each dinner will bring to life recipes and stories from fieldwork in home kitchens, restaurants, shops and archives, reveal some surprising insights into cuisines you […]

  2. Secret Kitchen, Fri 21st & Sat 22nd October 2016 – a Moroccan feast

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    Fellow anthropologist Katharina Graf is returning to Anna’s kitchen this October for another Moroccan feast. This time the menu will include: Harira al-hamra (hearty tomato soup full of fresh herbs, served for major religious holidays such as Ramadan) Bastila (decadent sweet-savoury dish of chicken or pigeon, lemony eggs, almonds, fine pastry and spices, prepared in […]

  3. Sephardi orange & almond cake


    This recipe is adapted from Claudia Roden.  This cake has north African and Spanish roots.  According to Claudia, citrus cultivation and trade was particularly associated with Sephardi Jews around the Mediterranean, and there are any number of orange cake recipes in Sephardi culture. This cake is remarkable for its total lack of both butter and […]

  4. Herb jam

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    This is a Moroccan recipe, which I first learnt while working as an intern at Alice Waters’ restaurant, Chez Panisse, in California.  ‘Herb jam’ is Paula Wolfert’s name for this delicious, savoury salad-cum-relish.  The recipe here is based on one of hers. The key to success is patience.  You must wash vast quantities of greens and […]

  5. Pistachio stuffed dates

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    This is a Moroccan recipe, and the perfect accompaniment to mint tea to round off a lavish Moroccan feast.  Dates are one of Morocco’s finest exports.  While travelling around Morocco we drove all the way to Erfoud on the edge of the Sahara for its October date festival, only to find that the unusually wet […]

  6. Chicken couscous with onion relish

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    This recipe is based on one given by Clifford Wright, an expert on Mediterranean cuisines and their histories.  I have made some changes to reflect my own culinary experiences in Morocco and personal taste.  This is not a quick or easy dish, but fantastic for feeding a crowd.  The chicken, vegetables and relish look magnificent […]

  7. Amlou

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    Amlou is served in Morocco with good fresh bread to dip in.  It’s eaten as a snack or appetizer, for example to welcome a guest into your house.  It is delicious, especially with a glass of mint tea.  The three key ingredients are all Moroccan specialities:  almonds, honey and argan oil.  Real argan oil, extracted […]

  8. Lamb and quince tagine


    If you possess a quince tree, or know someone who does, you are a lucky person.  This year I joined that group of blessed souls when I discovered a man with a large fruit-laden specimen, or maybe he discovered me.  My wooden crate of beautiful yellow, fuzzy fruit, looking a bit like misshapen fat pears, […]

  9. Moroccan bread

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    Bread is big in Morocco.  A meal is not complete without bread, and it is always fresh and always good.  You wouldn’t catch anyone mopping up their tagine with white sliced ‘plastic’ bread.  It has to be the real deal. Many of my memories from Morocco involve bread: women at home kneeling on the floor […]

  10. Moroccan beetroot salad

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    ‘Kemia’ – various salads, often made with cooked vegetables – are served at the start of a Moroccan meal, a bit like tapas in Spain or meze in Turkey.  They are always beautifully presented, to stimulate the appetite, and subtly spiced with classic Moroccan flavours such as mint, parsley, pepper, cumin, cinnamon and citrus.  The […]

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