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  1. St Lucia saffron buns

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    Lovely sweet buns with a beautiful yellow colour.  According to tradition in Sweden and Denmark they’re served on St Lucia day, the 13th of December (also my birthday, so doubly auspicious and suited to baking with expensive saffron).   They are normally S-shaped and decorated with a few small raisins or currants.  Serve warm with […]

  2. Cider-braised pork with pickled leeks and horseradish

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    Pork shoulder is suited to slow cooking and will be melt-in-the-mouth tender given time.  The cider braising liquid, lightly pickled leeks and punchy horseradish make this a surprisingly clean and bright dish.  Serve with potatoes or pearled rye or spelt.   Recipe adapted from Mia Kristensen of CPH Good Food.

  3. Malt cookies

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    Crispy cookies with a beautiful dark color and a great malty, almost coffee or chocolate-like flavour.  For Christmas you could add flavorings such as 1 tsp cinnamon or mixed spices and ½ tsp grated orange zest – not New Nordic, but very tasty! For a dessert, try layering crumbled cookies with toasted chopped nuts, whipped […]

  4. Buttermilk-marinated herb-crusted leg of lamb

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    This is two recipes, rolled into one, courtesy of Mia Kristensen from CPH Good Food in Denmark.  I collaborate with Mia to give New Nordic cuisine classes in London.  This recipe was one of the stars at our Summer 2012 class.  You could use the recipes separately, ie use the marinade for a different piece […]

  5. The World’s Best

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    This recipe comes from Mia Kristensen of CPH Good Food in Copenhagen, who I collaborate with to run New Nordic cuisine classes in London.  This recipe featured in our Summer 2012 class. Don’t be put off by all the steps in the recipe.  You basically need to separate half a dozen eggs and use the […]

  6. Beetroot crispbreads

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    Add dried spices to the dough for more flavours.  To stay within the flavours of Nordic cuisine, try caraway seeds, dried dill, dried lemon balm or even small pieces of roasted bacon.  Serve these crispbreads with an assortment of cheeses, a fresh herb pesto or with pickled herring, like they do in Sweden. Recipe from […]