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  1. Mackerel escabeche

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    This recipe is adapted from one by Thomasina Miers. Escabeche usually refers to a technique of frying fish and then marinating it in a vinegary liquid with onions, spices and herbs. Flavourings vary enormously from country to country; escabeche is popular in Italy, Spain, Latin America and the Philippines. This dish is a relative of […]

  2. Salmon baked in fig leaves with nasturtium butter

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    This recipe is based on one from the Chez Panisse CafĂ© cookbook, a restaurant where I did a stint and learnt a tonne.  I was inspired to make it for a dinner in honour of Chez Panisse’s 40th birthday by the astounding number of nasturtium flowers and fig leaves in my garden in early September […]

  3. Scallops with orange-tarragon beurre blanc

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    This one sounds a bit fancy, and it is.  I think it makes a very elegant starter and will make your dinner guests think they’re in a posh restaurant.  However, we had it in a flimsy bungalow that looked more like a rough pub from the 70s than the ‘redwood cabin’ it was marketed as, […]

  4. Black cod with miso

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    It was fairly clear in the end: Black cod: 9; Roast chicken: 6; Aubergine soup: 5; Squash soup: 2 Thanks for all the votes.  You were right about the squash soup – it’s not quite as nice as the other dishes.  I’ll send the recipes for the chicken and the aubergine soup another week.  The […]