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pastas and risottos

  1. Beetroot & chilli risotto with goat’s cheese

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    Other beetroot risotto recipes call for boiling or roasting whole beetroot before chopping and adding them to the risotto.  That’s fine if you remember to get the beetroot on two hours before dinner.  But if you want an easy one-pot thirty minute meal, then try it this way.  The raw grated beetroot is cooked just […]

  2. Basic fresh egg pasta dough

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    Fresh pasta dough can be made with just flour and water, or with a mixture of eggs and water, with whole eggs and/or egg yolks.  The more egg you use the easier the dough will be to handle and cook, and the more yolks you use the richer its golden colour will be.  Use genuinely […]

  3. Ciceri e tria

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    Grains and pulses make a classic combination, one found all over the world, from rice and beans in Latin America to millet and peanut sauce in West Africa.  No doubt these various pairings have evolved over the millennia due to their satisfyingly savoury flavours, their high nutritional value (the combination can cover all amino acid […]

  4. Red wine risotto with radicchio and Gorgonzola

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    Risotto made with red wine and/or radicchio is a classic Italian dish.  This version is an attempt to recreate the one I had at La Badia restaurant outside Orvieto, Umbria, with my friends Libby and Tim the week before their wedding.  It is rich, savoury and melts in the mouth.  Go easy on the cheese […]