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  1. Ethiopian affogato

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    On trips to Ethiopia one of my favourite things by far has been Ethiopian coffee, made in homes and cafes from freshly roasted and ground beans and served quite strong in small cups with sugar, and if you’re lucky, a sprig of rue.  Sometimes spices such as clove, cinnamon and cardamom are thrown in with […]

  2. Minchet abish

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    This is one of my favourite Ethiopian dishes, which I learnt about in Ethiopia during a couple of visits.  It is a very rich dish for a special occasion, typically eaten with injera (Ethiopia’s staple flat ‘bread’) and ayib be gomen (cottage cheese with spinach). Minchet abish is to the left in the photo.  It […]

  3. Doro wat

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    This is Ethiopia’s most famous and prestigious dish, translating literally as ‘chicken stew’.  Chickens are very expensive to buy in Ethiopia and therefore a luxury food for a special occasion.  One chicken can go a long way, especially when combined with 4kg of onions!  The key to the success of this dish is the slow […]

  4. Roast almonds

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    These are incredibly more-ish.  Serve with a chilled aperitif, such as sherry.  The ingredients and quantities here are a guide.  Feel free to mix it up…

  5. Slow-cooked lamb shoulder

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    This is my favourite way to cook lamb shoulder.  Your lamb will be meltingly tender, juicy and full of flavour.  You can keep the shoulder whole and present it at the table.  You won’t need a carving knife – just spoons and forks to pull off pieces of soft meat.  Or you can remove the […]

  6. Malt cookies

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    Crispy cookies with a beautiful dark color and a great malty, almost coffee or chocolate-like flavour.  For Christmas you could add flavorings such as 1 tsp cinnamon or mixed spices and ½ tsp grated orange zest – not New Nordic, but very tasty! For a dessert, try layering crumbled cookies with toasted chopped nuts, whipped […]

  7. Brioche pudding

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    An indulgent version of regular bread and butter pudding.  Instead of brioche you could use stollen, panettone or any other enriched bread. This can be made ahead, even the day before, and then baked in time to serve.  Cold leftovers can be sliced thickly, fried in butter on each side and served with poached fruits […]

  8. Chocolate espresso pots

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    This dessert is really easy, yet really impressive, and what’s more can be made the day before.  If you can’t get espresso flavoured dark chocolate, replace 50ml of the cream with strong espresso.  In either case you may want to sweeten the mix slightly by adding a spoonful of sugar to the cream as it […]

  9. Buttermilk-marinated herb-crusted leg of lamb

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    This is two recipes, rolled into one, courtesy of Mia Kristensen from CPH Good Food in Denmark.  I collaborate with Mia to give New Nordic cuisine classes in London.  This recipe was one of the stars at our Summer 2012 class.  You could use the recipes separately, ie use the marinade for a different piece […]

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