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Cooking Classes Feedback

  • Class testimonial 10

    This class really exceeded my expectation.”

  • Class testimonial 9

    Lovely, lovely instructor. A great group of people and a yummy menu. I could not believe that with a decent knife and some clear instructions chopping could be so easy…It was like a revelation… I am now a chopping queen.”

  • Class testimonial 8

    Anna is charming, well organised, imaginative; we got through a load of work and learning. I would absolutely recommend Anna as a cook, baker and teacher. She has a unique, friendly and professional atmosphere in her house.”

  • Class testimonial 7

    I thought the course was fantastic value for money, the lunch was perfect and I’ll definitely be recommending it to all my friends.”

  • Class testimonial 6

    I couldn’t speak more highly of Anna’s cooking class. We learnt some great new flavour combinations and ways of using seasonal vegetables. Very fun and friendly!”

  • Class testimonial 5

    My overall impression was of welcoming hosts, a lovely atmosphere, and we made sausages! Which was very cool. I would recommend the day to anyone, it was great fun, and I feel a big sense of achievement!”

  • Class testimonial 4

    I learned a great deal and had a wonderful time. I wish that I had learned about you sooner.”

  • Class testimonial 3

    The whole experience was so enjoyable; preparing, making, tasting, bottling our preserves and the delicious lunch.”

  • Class testimonial 2

    What a great day! Really inspirational and rewarding. My tribe were quite speechless when I produced my bag of breads at home this evening.”

  • Class testimonial 1

    The food was gorgeous, even though we were the ones cooking; the ideas and tips were invaluable and to top it all off, your company was delightful.”