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Smcroquetas0001.JPGThey’re hot, crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside and small enough to pop in the mouth again and again.  Who doesn’t like croquetas!?

Soon realising croquetas were going to be our favourite Spanish snack – perfect any time of day with a nice glass of beer or table wine – we set about seeking out the best versions everywhere we went.  Culinary research can be tough.

And the winners were: croquetas de bacalao at Donamariako Benta in the Basque Country, with an aromatic fresh green pepper note to balance the salt cod; croquetas de jamón at a bar somewhere in Madrid, lightly spiced with a touch of nutmeg; and croquetas de puchero at La Cruz Blanca in Jerez, the most incredibly rich, unctuous, meaty croquetas you’ll find – made with stewed chicken apparently, but tasting like confit de canard.

And we didn’t even get to try the croquetas at Melo’s in Madrid, which our friend Pedro swears are the best croquetas in the world.  And Pedro’s eaten a lot of croquetas.  Melo wasn’t open when we passed, so we’ll have to go back.  How exciting to think the best is still yet to come! 

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