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Christmas special part 4 - Nathan's eggnog

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I admit to having said some not very nice things about eggnog in the past.  But that was before I tried Nathan's eggnog.  Heavy on the bourbon, light on the sugar and spice, and silky smooth on the tongue, this one is a creamy and delicious dessert in a glass.  Also, Nathan cooks (and bakes) at Chez Panisse, so we can trust him.  Having said that, eggnog would more traditionally be made with rum, brandy or whisky, but Nathan's from Kentucky.


Citrus and vanilla infused bourbon

Despite the two week interval I'm afraid I'm still stuck on a hard liquor theme.  So this week, a delicious bourbon whiskey infusion, plus a cocktail to use it in.  (Actually, the 1794 is usually made with rye whiskey, but not in this household as we don't have any.)

Smcitrusvanillabourbon0008.JPG This ‘recipe’ comes from Scott Beattie, the talented barman at the Cyrus restaurant bar in Healdsburg, California, who is reputed to be the best ‘mixologist’ in America.  After we’d worked our way through most of his cocktail menu, he happily divulged his bourbon-infusing secrets…


Smcitrusvanillabourbon0005.JPGSo what is whiskey?  And rye and bourbon for that matter? 

A whiskey is a spirit distilled from fermented grain(s) and then aged in barrels. 

They vary from place to place by blend of grains used, number of distillations, types of barrel used, ageing time and temperature, filtration method, ingredients added, and much more... 


california, usa
This cocktail is in the Manhattan family, but much more elusive.  It seems there are only two places sophisticated enough to serve it in San Francisco, not counting our kitchen - the top notch restaurant Range and the ├╝ber-cool speakeasy style bar Bourbon & Branch.  For a truly amazing cocktail experience, try it with vanilla and citrus infused bourbon instead of rye.

Sm1794s0003.JPGThis recipe is for Tracy and David, who helped us enjoy a few last weekend at Tim's 21st(ish) birthday party in their super-stylish Eichler house in Orange County.  It is the result of many a long night of intensive research conducted at some of California's most sophisticated bars, just for you.


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