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Early summer minestrone with pesto

This recipe is adapted from one in The River Café cookbook.  It is a fresh green soup, perfect for late spring or early summer.  I actually prefer it luke warm to hot, or even chilled.


Wild rice, spinach and broad bean salad

This recipe is adapted from ‘Everyday & Sunday recipes from Riverford Farm’ by Jane Baxter and Guy Watson, which is a great cookbook (not least because it contains five of my recipes!).  It is the perfect salad for late spring and early summer, when spinach and broad beans are in season. 

The pomegranate molasses really makes the dish.  Look for it in Middle Eastern and Turkish food shops.  It should be just reduced pure pomegranate juice with nothing added - intensely sweet and sour at the same time, a bit like aged balsamic vinegar.

Broad bean and dill purée

This wonderful appetizer made from dried 'bakla' (broad beans) was one of dozens of beautiful meze which Zeliha Irez cooked for us at her guesthouse in Turkey.  The recipe is hers, and I have yet to make it myself at home.  Let me know how it goes if you try it…



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