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And the nominations are ...

burkina faso
Smetreburkinabe.JPGTen minutes into Burkina Faso, and we knew it was going to be a dead cert for that most coveted of awards: Most Friendly Border Guards Anywhere Ever. The Malians will be disappointed, I know, after a very strong showing indeed, but the Burkinab├ęs trumped them from their very first "Bienvenue!". This is the way to welcome new arrivals to your country -- friendly, enthusiastic, helpful, interested and generally very correct. UK Customs and Immigration could certainly stand to learn a thing or two ...

Smsoumbalapounding.JPGAnd now that we've spent a (too too short) while here, that's not the only award it's been nominated for. It's up for the hotly contested Chef Most Generous With His Time prize, is the bookie's favourite for Most Surprising Yoghurt-Offal Combination, has several entries in the extremely competitive Tastiest Street Food category, and is way out in the lead in the (admittedly less competitive) Most Impressive Cross-Town Inter-Generational Search For An Obscure 70s Funk Album.

Let's open those envelopes, and find out just what they won ...

Better lait than never

burkina faso
Smbarnabyyoghurt0001.jpgBarnaby's met so many cheese-makers on this trip that he's starting to consider himself a bit of an expert.  So since our cheddar-making experiments in Morocco he's been a bit disappointed by the lack of dairy products.  He met the occasional Fulani cattle-herder in Senegal and Mali, and admired their milk and butter, but that's been about it.

So once he got to Burkina Faso he was quite excited to see just how much people like yoghurt.  Apparently you can't even open a telecentre here without a stock of high quality yoghurt to go with your fax machine and mobile phone cards.  Smtelecentreyaourt0001.jpgPeople will happily have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or just for a snack in between with a nice fresh baguette.  Perfect!

Then he noticed their slightly disturbing tendency to pair it with offal.  He's never been a big fan of offalSmoffalmenu0001.jpgBut in Ouagadougou, he pulled himself together and gave it a try: a classic baguette, yoghurt and liver combo.  Delicious!  Meaty, juicy and rich, with all the dairy goodness he'd been waiting for.  He might wait a bit before moving on to the brain, heart and kidney versions, though.



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