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Winter rainbow coleslaw

This recipe is just a guide - use whichever vegetables you have to hand and dressing quantities that suit your taste.  This is a great way to use up those winter veg that might otherwise hang around in the fridge too long, and keeps well in the fridge for a couple of days.  Eating them raw makes a refreshing change, too.  The rainbow colours are pretty, and the salad looks stunning served in a bowl lined with the beautiful outer leaves of a large January King cabbage, which are sea green fringed with purple.


Turkish style stuffed greens

In Turkey all kinds of things get stuffed with delicious rice - aubergines, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage leaves, vine leaves and more.  ‘Dolma’ are stuffed things and ‘sarma’ are rolled or wrapped things, so strictly these parcels are sarma.  They work really well with spring or summer greens, which arrive in my weekly veg box.

smspringgreensarma0003.JPGVersions of sarma are also found in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland and elsewhere - sometimes with meaty fillings.  This combination of rice, pine nuts, currants and warm spices is typical of western Turkey - around Istanbul and down the Aegean coast, where the Romans established pine tree plantations millennia ago to feed their pine nut addiction. 

The trick is to partially cook the rice before filling the leaves - cooked enough so they won’t burst their wrappers in the cooking pot, but uncooked enough to expand a little to form tight parcels.  Sarma might be fiddly to make, but when you taste the results of your labour, you’ll realise why they spread so far.  



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