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Winter preserving workshops, Fri 3rd & Sat 4th Feb 2012


IMG_0124.JPGpreserved lemons.JPGIn partnership with Riverford, the lovely organic veg box people, I offer seasonal preserving workshops.  We cover all the basics of preserving fruits and vegetables and together we make five you can take home.

You'll learn about sterilising jars, using sugar, salt and vinegar correctly as preservatives, reaching ‘setting point’ for jams and jellies, safe bottling and more. Class sizes are kept small and very hands-on.  As well as your filled jars, there are recipes and guidance notes to take home.  

The February workshops will be a citrus extravaganza and include (subject to produce availability):

Smmumsmarmalade0014.JPGSeville orange marmalade
Moroccan preserved lemons
Grapefruit curd
Spiced pickled oranges
Blood orange & port jelly or
Cumberland sauce

"Thanks again for such a brilliant day and for sharing your wonderful skills. I can't believe how much we made and how much I learned in your lovely kitchen!"

"The pace was just right- a good combination of a bit of the science behind preserving, a hands on approach to learning, and the opportunity to chat and discuss. I think the size of the class was ideal."

Dates:  Friday 3rd, repeated Saturday 4th February 2012

Time:  10am - 3pm

Location:  London N5

Price:  £70 (includes lunch with wine)

To book:  email Anna  Please read the booking terms & conditions before booking your place.  Thank you.

Moroccan citrus salad

While eating our way around Morocco we learned that most meals end with fruit.  In homes a big bowl would appear - huge red pomegranates, oranges, apples, grapes and bananas.  In restaurants we received plates of beautifully presented orange slices, dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar.  It certainly wasn’t hard to eat our five a day.  This ‘recipe’ is really a serving suggestion; quantities are up to you.  The fresh citrus taste is ideal after a filling Moroccan feast, and the mix of fruits looks really stunning on the plate.


Christmas special part 1 - Carlo's candied citrus peel

Well, a lot has happened in 3 weeks.  We enjoyed a traditional American Thanksgiving chez Alex and Nicole, which, despite Alex nearly knocking Nicole out with a plate of oysters, the dog yaffling a whole triple-creme cheese off the board during the commotion, and later getting to the turkey before we did, was a most enjoyable feast.  I finished my internship at Chez Panisse, which was a little traumatic - involving much sobbing followed by several medicinal Manhattans.  I learnt so much there, loved cooking in a professional kitchen every day, met some wonderful people and properly fell in love with the place. And, somewhere in between these incidents, I candied a new batch of citrus peels, sourced some suet and had several restaurant mates around for a mammoth Christmas cake and pudding making session, at which a round of eggnog was the only American concession.

candied peel.JPGI realise Stir-up Sunday has passed, but it's not too late to make Christmas cake and pudding (should you be so inclined, and probably British).  Although, I recommend keeping the pudding til Xmas '08, as the one-year-old pud we ate at the pudding party was even more delicious than its sibling which we ate in April.

So, here is your first Christmassy recipe - candied citrus peel.  The cake, pudding and eggnog will follow shortly.


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