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Beetroot & yoghurt dip

This is a Syrian recipe, adapted from my friend Laura who adapted it from her friend Matthew, who adapted it from a cookbook by Barry Vera.  Such is the evolution of recipes.  Feel free to adapt it further.  You might prefer different spices, or more tahini.  Tahini does not last forever - it goes rancid and stale - so don’t be tempted to use that half-eaten jar that’s been in the cupboard for six months…  Serve this dish as a dip with warm flatbreads. 



Amlou is served in Morocco with good fresh bread to dip in.  It’s eaten as a snack or appetizer, for example to welcome a guest into your house.  It is delicious, especially with a glass of mint tea.  The three key ingredients are all Moroccan specialities:  almonds, honey and argan oil.  Real argan oil, extracted from the kernels of the nuts of the argan tree, is expensive and hard to find outside Morocco, but is worth the effort.  Try to find one with a delicate nutty flavour, and check it has not gone rancid.   




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