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Elderflower cordial

Such a classic English drink - it has to stay in imperial measures!  Make this in May or June when elderflowers are at their peak. Pick on a sunny day in the morning and be fussy - you only want pleasant-smelling and perfect sprays, without a whiff of decay.

Photo 27-05-2012 02 38 33 PM.jpgRecipes vary when it comes to the temperature of the water - some infuse in cold water and others in boiled; some then take the strained cordial to a boil and others don't.  Clearly, the more you heat the cordial the better it will be preserved, but in my experience boiling the cordial also affects the flavour.  So below is my compromise version.  It should keep perfectly well for a few weeks if not months.  To keep it longer, transfer to plastic bottles or tubs and freeze.  

Elderflower fritters

If you can’t quite get round to the four-day process that is elderflower cordial or champagne, let alone deal with all those buckets and bottles, then this quick elderflower recipe might be for you.  Elderflowers can be consumed whole, as they are, after a brief encounter with some batter and some hot oil.


Elderflower Delight

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This recipe is adapted from John Wright, the River Cottage forager.  It seems like it must be difficult and prone to problems, and half-way through you won’t believe it’ll ever work, but have faith - the final product will come good and taste remarkably elderflowery.



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