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The Ruby

We named this cocktail after the fantastic bar in Copenhagen where we discovered it.  Having made our way through their menu of forgotten cocktails - flips, punches and a real Martinez - we asked the barman to make us something with dill aquavit.  Dill aquavit was on our shopping list as we knew it was traditional to serve at Christmas, and we were planning a Danish Christmas feast for one of our Secret Kitchen dinners in London. 

smrubycocktail0003t.jpgThe barman’s creation was a revelation - distinctly dilly, pink with grapefruit but most certainly a proper grown-up cocktail.  (He called it an ‘866’, but we never found out why…)  This is our own version, and the addition of grapefruit bitters is ours; you could leave it out.  We recommend serving this with pickled herring on thin slices of rye bread.

Moroccan citrus salad

While eating our way around Morocco we learned that most meals end with fruit.  In homes a big bowl would appear - huge red pomegranates, oranges, apples, grapes and bananas.  In restaurants we received plates of beautifully presented orange slices, dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar.  It certainly wasn’t hard to eat our five a day.  This ‘recipe’ is really a serving suggestion; quantities are up to you.  The fresh citrus taste is ideal after a filling Moroccan feast, and the mix of fruits looks really stunning on the plate.



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