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Special Mexican Secret Kitchen, Fri 17th & Sat 18th Oct 2014



The surprising story of the taco

with Claudia Prieto Piastro


Hibiscus crazy water (aguas locas) with chia

Fermented pineapple water (tepache)

Corn tamales with mole dip and corn fungus (huitlacoche)


Wheat tacos árabes with marinated beef, lime and chilli

with three salsas:  avocado, chipotle and drunken salsa


Tacos al pastor with grilled pineapple, onion and coriander

Cactus salad (nopales) and charred onions (cebollitas)

Refried black beans with totopos (frijoles negros refritos)


Sweet pumpkin with Mexican brown sugar (calabaza en tacha)

Lemon and tequila sorbet


Café de olla

Peanuts in honey (palanqueta)


Secret Kitchen menu, 26th April 2014


wildgarlicIstria.JPGfresh water, spring herbs

Aqua-dill cocktails
Spring greens rolls

Crayfish and wild garlic butter
with lovage shots

Duck in its broth
with spring vegetables and herbs

Mint, sorrel, sweet woodruff

Home-made liqueurs

Secret Kitchen menu, 22nd February 2014



an Ethiopian dinner


Tej  (honey wine)

Lamb tibs with awaze (chilli sauce)


Misir wat (spicy lentils), kuk alicha (mild split peas),

beetroot & carrots, azifa (green lentil dip), karia (green chillies)


Doro wat (chicken stew), minchet abish (minced beef with fenugreek),

shiro (spiced pulse puree), duba alicha (mild pumpkin stew),

ayib be gomen (cottage cheese with spinach)


Ethiopian affogato


Secret Kitchen menu, 18th January 2014


smbloodorange0001.jpgFourth anniversary dinner


Blood orange cocktails

Deep-fried parsnips and lemons


Squash soup with blue cheese & hazelnuts


Beef short-ribs, polenta, curly kale


Blood orange trifle

 Bay and mulberry liqueurs

Secret Kitchen menu, 7th December 2013


turkeys.jpgChristmas larder

Port cocktails
Stilton grapes, home-cured olives

Turkey rillettes with grilled sourdough,
redcurrant relish and gherkins

Hot-smoked salmon with potato rösti,
horseradish, watercress and beetroot

Brioche with honey ice cream
and preserved fruits

Home-made liqueurs

Secret Kitchen menu, 15th June 2013


rhubarb stems.JPGrhubarb, rhubarb

Rhubarb gimlet
Speltcakes with St Eadburgha and pickled rhubarb

Lamb köfte with labneh and
raw rhubarb, cucumber & radish salad

Grilled mackerel with beetroot and rhubarb,
summer leaves and new potatoes

Rhubarb & strawberry crumble with
lemon verbena ice cream and elderflower fritters

Homemade liqueur

Secret Kitchen menu, 16th March 2013



somewhat Spanish

Cava oloroso cocktails
Roast almonds, chorizo de bellota, olive-anchovy pinxos

Mackerel escabeche on grilled sourdough

Chicken leg confit with chickpeas, chorizo & chard

Cardamom panna cotta with rhubarb and blood oranges

Coffee shots, homemade liqueur

Secret Kitchen menu, 26th January 2013


Smsloes0002.JPGthird anniversary dinner

Sloe gin sour or sloe gin & tonic
Blini with home-smoked mackerel, horseradish & beetroot

Endive, watercress, quince, Stichelton & walnut salad

Lamb shoulder with barlotto,
salsify, Savoy and salsa verde

Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream

Blackberry liqueur

Secret Kitchen menu, 15th December 2012


the raw, the cooked and the rotten

Dessert wine
Rabbit rillettes with pickled orange

Hot-smoked salmon
with oatcakes and horseradish crème fraîche

Three raw and rotten salads:
Winter roots with yoghurt
Winter greens with bacon & apple
Cauliflower with Stilton & cranberries

Twice-baked panettone pudding

Salami with sherry

Secret Kitchen menu, 27th October 2012

old birds

Bourbon, calvados & thyme cocktail
Chicken liver paté with quince

Chicken heart soup

Coq au vin,
celeriac pommes Anna and kale

Chocolate espresso cup

Homemade liqueur

Secret Kitchen menu, 22nd September 2012

Smbitteraubergines0001.JPGthinking of Senegal

Hibiscus and ginger cocktails with green plantain crisps

Black-eyed bean beignets, Shrimp beignets,
Mackerel pastels, Black plantain fried in palm oil

Mafé and Poulet Yassa
with rice and mango & avocado salad

Pineapple, papaya & watermelon

Mini Guinness

Secret Kitchen menu, 14th July 2012

bakerbeach0001.JPGSan Francisco memories

Sourdough crostini with Gorgonzola, apricots & basil


Bánh mì

Hibiscus sorbet with melons, mangos and strawberries

Secret Kitchen menu, 19th May 2012

smrhubarb0001_1.jpgRhubarb & Garlic

Goat's cheese crostini
with rhubarb chutney
and wild garlic pesto
Rhubarb cordial cocktails

Wild garlic soup

Navarin of lamb with spring vegetables,
grilled sourdough and summer greens with wet garlic

Rhubarb tart with ginger ice cream

Liqueurs  and coffee

Photo 19-05-2012 12 11 26 PM.jpg

Secret Kitchen menu, 21st April 2012

smIstrianblacktruffles0002.jpgan Istrian dinner

Istrian pršut & cheese
Malvazija & Teran wines

Maneštra with elderberry vinegar

Tagliatelle with black truffles

Grilled veal chops, garlicky sausages and lardy potatoes
with ajvar, wild garlic mustard and green salad

Honey & propolis pannacotta with pollen,
hazelnuts & a fig

Mistletoe rakija and coffee

Secret Kitchen menu, 18th Feb 2012

Smstuffedmussel0001.JPGthinking of Turkey

Rakı and pomegranate cocktails
Istanbul style stuffed mussels

Leek & cheese cigars, haloumi grilled in vine leaves,
beetroot & yoghurt dip, lentil & coriander dip,
minted labneh and homemade bread

Ottoman lamb & prune stew
with saffron rice

Apricots with clotted cream, figs with halva ice cream,
dates with pistachio paste
Turkish tea

Secret Kitchen menu, 22nd Jan 2012

a breakfast tour

Bloody Mary
Turkish nibbles

Polish żurek

Ethiopian ful

Blood orange sorbet


Secret Kitchen menu, 17th Dec 2011

Photo 17-12-2011 02 38 58 PM.jpegDanish Christmas

Pickled herring
Dill aquavit & pink grapefruit cocktails

Smørrebrød with smoked salmon, Christmas salami, cured beef,
smoked reindeer and Vesterhavsost

Pork braised in dark beer with three-root mash,
curly kale and red cabbage

Risalamande with cherry sauce

Gløgg with Danish candy

Secret Kitchen menu, 19th Nov 2011

smSouthallmangos0001.jpgIndian night

Sipsmith gin and tonic with grapefruit
Pani puri

Tarka dal and makhani dal
with naan breads

Tandoori chicken from the wood-fired oven,
saffron rice, rogan josh, cauliflower bhaji, Kashmiri style kale,
carrot raita, tomato & cucumber kachumber, mango chutney

Cardamom kulfi with rose-scented quince and pistachios

Coffee, mint tea, liqueurs and mukhwas

Secret Kitchen menu, 22nd Oct 2011


Kingston Black cider brandy cocktails
Choux puffs with Keen’s cheddar and apple chutney

Waldorf salad with Stichelton and
homemade walnut bread

Slow-roast pork belly with caramelised apples,
braised fresh borlotti beans, roast squashes and Savoy cabbage

Baked russet apples with spiced dried fruits
and nutmeg ice cream

Coffee, teas and blackberry liqueur


Secret Kitchen menu, 10th Sept 2011

(for Chez Panisse’s 40th anniversary)

Figs with prosciutto

Salad of beetroot, green beans, eggs and rocket
with tarragon mayonnaise

Salmon baked in fig leaves with nasturtium butter,
Umbrian lentils, roasted fennel and ruby chard

Fig, plum & raspberry tart
with Mum’s yoghurt thing

Coffee, teas and homemade sloe liqueurs



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