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Riverford Cooks

smredrussiankale0002.JPGRiverford delivers delicious veg boxes from its network of sister organic farms across England.  I have been a customer for some time and greatly admire their business ethics and the high quality of their produce.  I wrote about them in my book Eat Slow Britain - see here for an excerpt. 

Riverford Cooks is their initiative to get everyone cooking more vegetables.  As one of their network of Cooks, I give classes for customers and their friends, in homes, at my teaching kitchen and at Riverford HQ in Devon.  It's all about getting excited about seasonal vegetables and learning new ways to cook them.  Some of my Riverford classes are open to non-customers too (although we hope to persuade you of the joys of a veg box!) - so look out for dates.  And check out the Riverford Cooks website for more events and my Cook's profile

Vegetable box cooking classes

Do you get a weekly organic vegetable box but rarely use it all up?  Are there wrinkly beetroots, swedes and turnips lurking at the back of your fridge, making you feel guilty? 

Well, you're not alone.  Surveys have found that the majority of veg box customers have trouble getting through their box, mainly due to limited cooking time, low culinary confidence, and lack of recipe inspiration.

SmPreservingClass0603100004.JPGI've recently joined a new scheme, run by veg box kings, Riverford Organic, to help more people make more use of their beautiful vegetables.  I'm offering small cooking classes in London for Riverford customers and their friends, and getting involved with other exciting Riverford events. 

You can read more about it here, and join Riverford's new Community of Cooks here.  Pictures of my first class - on preserving winter fruits and vegetables - are here.


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