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Bouillabaisse-marinated prawns with saffron aïoli

Apologies for the two week interval.  It turns out a) restaurant work takes up almost all one's waking hours, and b) there are a load of cool (some might say nerdy) saffron facts.   So, finally, here's a tasty and delicious party snack, complete with absolutely fascinating saffron information with which to impress your guests.  I developed this recipe while dreaming up hors d’oeuvres for my father-in-law’s 70th birthday party last month.  I like bouillabaisse and I like prawns.  It was as simple as that.

Smbouillabaisseprawns0001.jpgAll is still going well at Chez Panisse.  Having not ruined any dishes yet, they are bravely letting me stay on a while longer, which is fantastic.  In the last two weeks I have cut up a few more animals and there are still some lambs and pigs hanging in the 'walk-in' waiting to be butchered.  I've also been filmed slicing potatoes on a mandolin for 'Good Morning America', whatever that is.  (Never have I concentrated so hard on not cutting off a finger.)  And I've made a selection of soups, one of which was described as 'very nice' by the chef, which made my week, if not my whole month. 

Chez Panisse always uses what's in season, so we're mainly cooking with tomatoes, beans, sweet corn, aubergines, peppers, figs, chanterelles, courgettes and beautiful fresh cannellini, cranberry, butter beans and the like.  I'm learning loads of new dishes, some of which I hope to write up for you one day when I'm not either sleeping or peeling onions.

Pot stickers

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OK, this one looks a little long and complicated... BUT you should try it as really it's easy and the results are delicious.  Let me know which option you like best if you try them.  I guess Sainsbury's might not do pot sticker wrappers and you may need visit your local Chinatown, if you have one.  They will be in the refrigerated section.

Pot stickers.JPGThere are hundreds of different recipes for pot stickers.  The Japanese version tends to use thinner wrappers, which I prefer to the more doughy Chinese version.  I was inspired to experiment with different fillings and wrappers by the delicious pot stickers you can get in little dim sum restaurants in San Francisco's Chinatown.  I couldn't decide which of these three fillings I liked best, which is why you're getting them all...


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