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Brioche pudding



An indulgent version of regular bread and butter pudding.  Instead of brioche you could use stollen, panettone or any other enriched bread.

This can be made ahead, even the day before, and then baked in time to serve.  Cold leftovers can be sliced thickly, fried in butter on each side and served with poached fruits and cream.  Yum.

This recipe is adapted from that used at the fantastic Tartine bakery in San Francisco, where I used to live.

Christmas special part 3 - Christmas pudding

It's traditional to make this pudding on Stir-up Sunday, the fifth Sunday before Christmas, so that it has time to mature before the big day.  However, if you can hold yourself back, eat it the following Christmas, as a year or so of ageing makes the pudding so much richer, darker, gooey and complex.  It's definitely worth the wait.  This recipe is very loosely based on one by good old Delia Smith, of course, but is boozier and better (I think).

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