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Stayin' alive

Stuff about Maramures

Sapanta cemetery - traditional ways of living seem to show a past time

But walking around you see the same things happening


cheese/smantana making

slanina, sausage



Not stuck in the past but keeping elements of it while acknowledging 21st c stuff?

Granny knows

Thumbnail image for SmAnawood0001.jpg“Bunică ştie” is something you might find yourself observing on numerous occasions while spending time in the villages of Transylvania.  For every grandmother you would have the good fortune to meet would know an awful lot, about everything.  And everybody knows that granny knows (best).

She knows about looking after animals, and bringing up the grandchildren.  She knows how to milk the cows and turn the milk into butter and cheese.  She knows how to butcher the pig and turn it into bacon, ham, salami and more.  She can make ...


Culinary Anthropologist