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Glögg is Swedish mulled wine with a vodka kick!  (Or call it gløgg if you’re Danish and go for brandy or rum instead.)  This recipe is adapted from one by Elsa Petersen-Schepelern.  It looks fantastic served in little Turkish or Moroccan tea glasses, and works a treat in our household every Christmas.  Just remember that it’s a lot stronger than regular mulled wine…


Sweet, sweet honey

Smbarnabymiodula0001.JPG Today Barnaby discovered that in Poland they make Miodula - a vodka made out of honey.  Yes, a vodka. Made out of honey.

Bears are quite keen on honey.

Barnaby is quite keen on vodka.

You get the picture.

Today we are taking him to safety in Slovakia.

Like a bear with a sore head

Smbarnabyapplepie0001.JPGLast night Barnaby had a great time in Zakopane drinking 'apple pies' with Anna and Matt's friends Richard and Marzena.  Richard makes a mean cocktail using just Żubrówka, the famous Polish vodka flavoured with bison grass, and apple juice.  Its innocent taste is remarkably like a delicious apple pie, buttery pastry and all.  Today Barnaby is a bear a little worse for wear.  (Although he looks better than Matt and Anna.)

Read recipe here.

Apple pies

Smapplepie0001.JPGThe combination of Żubrówka and apple juice is a popular Polish tipple.  (Or of course, you can omit the apple juice.) 

Żubrówka (aka bison grass vodka), made in Poland since the 16th century or earlier, is said to boost manliness, stamina and sexual drive.  This is because it's infused with the grass which the bison of Białowieża forest in Poland love to eat.   These ancient bison are so fond of this special grass that attempts to transplant them to other parts of Europe have failed due to the absence of the grass.  Every bottle of Żubrówka contains one stem of the grass.

This recipe comes courtesy of Richard Abel, our friend in Zakopane, Poland.  Richard welcomed us to Poland with several rounds of apple pies...


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