Secret Kitchen menu, 19th June 2010

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Eat Slow Britain dinner

Grilled Dorset oysters with wild garlic butter and pinchitos morunos with
Black Isle Brewery beers and Dunkertons ciders

Ricotta, broad bean & pea salad with home-cured lomo

Stocks Farm lamb with salsa verde, new potatoes, braised greens, honeyed beetroots and carrots, and grilled courgette & asparagus salad

Flourless Cocoa Loco chocolate cake with cherries, strawberries and cream

Hafod and Stichelton

Coffee and home-made liqueurs

Eat Slow Britain is my first book.  

It tells the stories of organic producers, dedicated restaurateurs and talented chefs around Britain who all put quality, the environment and fairness above profit.  There are cheesemakers and bakers, pig farmers and veg box companies, farmers’ markets and pubs.  

Tonight’s dinner features several of my favourites:

Dorset Oysters in Poole
Black Isle Brewery in Ross-shire, Scotland
Dunkertons in Herefordshire
Riverford Organic Vegetables in Devon
Stoke Newington Farmers’ Market, run by Growing Communities
Cocoa Loco in Sussex
Holden Farm Dairy in Wales, who make Hafod
Stichelton Dairy in Nottinghamshire

The book is available direct from the publisher, Alastair Sawday, and from Amazon

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