Cooking Club, Weds 10th Nov 2010

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smvegcouscous0002.JPGThe Cooking Club is a series of classes that you can dip in and out of as you please.  Classes are held on the second Wednesday of the month, 6-10pm.  At each class we cook a seasonal supper, the stars of which are Riverford's beautiful organic vegetables and fruits. 

Each class focuses on different produce and culinary techniques, so if you attend several they form a course.  You will develop knife skills and learn easy but delicious dishes you can repeat at home.

Classes end with an informal meal together around the table with some good wine, and recipes to take home. 

SmMoroccanClass0805100010.JPG“I adored the food we made - it looked and tasted amazing.  It was all really good quality and a step up from the basics, and I would make it at home.”

“Thank you so much - learning  some different techniques and being inspired to try new dishes rather than 'same-old' was such a fillip.”

“Wonderful as always!”

Example menu for autumn/winter 2010:

(exact menus depend on ingredient availability and guests’ preferences)
Orange, olive and onion salad
Couscous aux sept legumes with harissa
Apple choux pastry puffs with calvados cream

Date:  Wednesday 10th November 2010

Time:  6 - 10pm

Location:  London N5 (Arsenal tube 2 mins walk)

Price:  £40 per person per class.  Or £35 if you book 3 Cooking Club class places, which could be 3 for you, or you plus 2 friends, or as gifts, or any combination of those options.

To book:  Email Anna

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