Perfect Cookies Masterclass, 20th Jan 2011

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smbiscotti0001.jpgThis class is taught by professional pastry chef Jennifer Altman, who is flying over from California to deliver a series of special one-off Masterclasses with Culinary Anthropologist.  Don't miss out!

At this class you will learn the techniques for a range of cookie types, such as French macaroons, tuiles, florentines, chocolate wafers, Italian biscotti and the world’s best shortbread.  As a professional pastry chef, Jennifer knows all the tricks for creating perfect cookies, be they crispy, crunchy, chewy or wafer-thin. 

This is a demonstration class, with plenty of tastings and drinks to keep you going.  And there will be bags of goodies to take home to share, or not…!

smbrandysnaps0017.JPGsmghribas0010.JPGDate:  Thursday 20th January, 2011

Time:  6pm-9.30pm

Location:  London N5

Price:  £50

Multi-booking discount:  If you book 4 or more places at any of Jennifer's January 2011 masterclasses (Cookies, Pastry, Chocolate & Cakes), each place will be discounted by £10. 
For example, you could attend all four masterclasses, or you plus a friend could come to two of them, or you plus three friends could come to one class. 

To book:  Email Anna
  Please read the booking terms & conditions before booking your place.  Thank you.

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