Hubbub Cooks Pasta & Risotto workshops, 11th & 12th March 2011

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HUBBUB_STRAP_red.png‘Hubbub Cooks’ is a series of cooking classes I am running in collaboration with Hubbub - a fantastic little company that delivers top quality food from my local independent shops - butcher, fishmonger, cheesemonger, deli and more.  The classes are open to anyone, and will be for just eight people at a time so everyone will get plenty of action.  10% off if you book three classes!

Smalltortelini0002.jpgPasta & Risotto workshops
Make pasta dough from scratch and then have fun rolling, cutting and shaping it into tagliatelle, malfatti, ravioli and tortellini. You’ll make sauces and fillings for each shape and learn the secrets of boiling and tossing pasta correctly. In addition, you’ll master the technique for making risotto and create two delicious versions using seasonal ingredients. The workshop will end in a convivial feast with Italian wines.

Red wine risotto above 2.jpgDate:  Friday 11th, repeated Saturday 12th March 2011

Time:  10am - 3pm

Location:  London N5 (Arsenal tube 2 mins walk)

Price:  £80. 
10% off when you book three or more Hubbub Cooks classes. 

To book:  Email Hubbub
, call them on 020 7354 5511 or book online on their website

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