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St Lucia saffron buns

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Lovely sweet buns with a beautiful yellow colour.  According to tradition in Sweden and Denmark they’re served on St Lucia day, the 13th of December (also my birthday, so doubly auspicious and suited to baking with expensive saffron).  

They are normally S-shaped and decorated with a few small raisins or currants.  Serve warm with plenty of cold salted butter or, as we do in our Nordic cooking classes, with sweet and salty hazelnut butter! 

Here is a fun explanation of St Lucia!

Recipe from Mia Kristensen of CPH Good Food, with whom I collaborate for New Nordic cuisine classes and dinners.


Turkey rillettes

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This is a fantastic use for leftover roast turkey.  Although it's worth making from fresh turkey thighs anytime.  The thighs are the best bit of the bird - full of flavour, suited to slow cooking and not expensive if bought separately.  You could also use smoked turkey instead. 


Cooking Club, Tues 10th & Weds 11th December 2013

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smceleriaczeytinyagli0001.jpgThe Cooking Club is a monthly series of classes that you can dip in and out of as you please. At each class we cook a seasonal vegetarian supper, the stars of which are Riverford's beautiful organic vegetables and fruits. This class is perfect for those who want to eat seasonally and are after a little recipe inspiration (as well as a fun night out).

waldorf.JPGClasses are usually held on the second Tuesday and/or Wednesday of the month, 7pm-10pm. We cook together for a couple of hours - learning different culinary techniques each month - and then sit to enjoy a convivial dinner around the kitchen table with wine.

Come in December for inspiration for cooking seasonal stars such as parsnips, Brussels sprouts, celeriac, Jerusalem artichokes and oranges. Below is an example December menu to give you a feel.  The exact menu is usually set at the last minute so that the best seasonal produce available from Riverford at the time can be used.

smcandiedorangeslices0001.jpgCarrot & ginger soup with orange blossom cream

Whole roast cauliflower with capers & raisins

Waldorf salad with Stilton

Turkish olive oil braised winter roots with dill

Chocolate fondant puddings with candied orange

“I have thoroughly enjoyed these classes. I have learned many new skills and the classes have given me ideas on using seasonal vegetables. I have used many of the recipes again.”

“Thank you for another wonderfully inspiring and enjoyable evening.”

Date: Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th December 2013 if demand

Time: 7pm - 10pm

Location: London N5 (Arsenal tube 2 mins walk)

Price: £45 per person per class. Or £120 for 3 Cooking Club class places, which could be 3 for you, or you plus 2 friends, or as gifts, or any combination of those options.

To book: Email Anna
Please read the booking terms & conditions before booking your place. Thank you.

Secret Kitchen menu, 7th December 2013

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turkeys.jpgChristmas larder

Port cocktails
Stilton grapes, home-cured olives

Turkey rillettes with grilled sourdough,
redcurrant relish and gherkins

Hot-smoked salmon with potato rösti,
horseradish, watercress and beetroot

Brioche with honey ice cream
and preserved fruits

Home-made liqueurs

Wild boar and teran stew

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I developed this recipe for an Istrian themed Secret Kitchen dinner and served it with potato gnocchi (or rather njoki), topped with fried King Oyster mushrooms, parmesan, parsley and shaved white truffles. 

wildboarstew.JPGTeran is a red wine grape which is native to Istria.  You could use any hearty, rustic red with good acidity.  Instead of wild boar, which is commonly used in Istria, you could use free-range pork.

Quince and apple strudel

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I developed this recipe for an Istrian themed Secret Kitchen dinner as a nod to Croatia's Habsburg past.  I am grateful to Felicity Cloake for her strudel research and tips, some of which is incorporated here.



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