Secret Kitchen menu, 7th December 2013

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turkeys.jpgChristmas larder

Port cocktails
Stilton grapes, home-cured olives

Turkey rillettes with grilled sourdough,
redcurrant relish and gherkins

Hot-smoked salmon with potato rösti,
horseradish, watercress and beetroot

Brioche with honey ice cream
and preserved fruits

Home-made liqueurs

Tonight's dinner

For tonight's dinner I drew inspiration from the ingredients involved in a traditional Christmas dinner - smoked salmon, turkey, port and stilton, candied fruit - and then put them in different places.  

Everything is home-made, from the olives and sourdough to the brioche and ice cream.  I love preserving things - be it curing, pickling, smoking, bottling, fermenting, candying or confiting - and such larder skills fill the menu.

As ever, ingredients come from my fabulous local butcher, fishmonger, greengrocer and Riverford Organic.  

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