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Ethiopian affogato

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On trips to Ethiopia one of my favourite things by far has been Ethiopian coffee, made in homes and cafes from freshly roasted and ground beans and served quite strong in small cups with sugar, and if you're lucky, a sprig of rue.  Sometimes spices such as clove, cinnamon and cardamom are thrown in with the roasting beans for a delicately spiced version. 

smbunalalibela0001.jpgEspresso drinks are also very popular in cities, especially macchiato (with incredible 'macchiato art' of which any London barista would be envious).  Italian influence in some areas of Ethiopia is also visible in the food and architecture.  

smmacchiatolalibela0001.jpgI put all these things together to come up with this recipe for an Ethiopian themed Secret Kitchen dinner.  Remember to freeze the bowl of your ice cream maker in advance if you have that sort!

Minchet abish

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This is one of my favourite Ethiopian dishes, which I learnt about in Ethiopia during a couple of visits.  It is a very rich dish for a special occasion, typically eaten with injera (Ethiopia's staple flat 'bread') and ayib be gomen (cottage cheese with spinach).  

smdorominchetayib0001.jpgMinchet abish is to the left in the photo.  It looks deceptively simple - minced beef - but is exquisitely flavoured with fenugreek (abish) and a range of other hot and warm spices.  

Injera, berbere, nit'ir qibe (spiced butter) and shiro powder are available in London's Ethiopian shops and restaurants.

Doro wat

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This is Ethiopia's most famous and prestigious dish, translating literally as 'chicken stew'.  Chickens are very expensive to buy in Ethiopia and therefore a luxury food for a special occasion.  One chicken can go a long way, especially when combined with 4kg of onions!  The key to the success of this dish is the slow cooking of the onions - around four hours.  

smdorowatetal0001.jpgDoro wat should be served with injera, Ethiopia's staple flat 'bread', which can be bought in London from Ethiopian shops and restaurants, either home-made or imported from Ethiopia where it is made with the indigenous tef flour (gluten free and high in iron).  Berbere powder and nit'ir qibe (spiced butter) can also be found.

smdoroaddis0001.jpgThis recipe is only slightly adapted from the one kindly taught to me by Egigayeu Abebe in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia, 2011).  Egigayeu is my friend Nebiat's mother, a formidable cook and patient teacher.


Secret Kitchen menu, 22nd February 2014

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an Ethiopian dinner


Tej  (honey wine)

Lamb tibs with awaze (chilli sauce)


Misir wat (spicy lentils), kuk alicha (mild split peas),

beetroot & carrots, azifa (green lentil dip), karia (green chillies)


Doro wat (chicken stew), minchet abish (minced beef with fenugreek),

shiro (spiced pulse puree), duba alicha (mild pumpkin stew),

ayib be gomen (cottage cheese with spinach)


Ethiopian affogato


Cooking Club, Tues 11th & Weds 12th February 2014

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smbeetrootrisotto0001_1.jpgThe Cooking Club is a monthly series of classes that you can dip in and out of as you please. At each class we cook a seasonal vegetarian supper, the stars of which are Riverford's beautiful organic vegetables and fruits. This class is perfect for those who want to eat seasonally and are after a little recipe inspiration (as well as a fun night out).

Classes are usually held on the second Tuesday and/or Wednesday of the month, 7pm-10pm. We cook together for a couple of hours - learning different culinary techniques each month - and then sit to enjoy a convivial dinner around the kitchen table with wine.

classinkitchen.jpgCome in February for inspiration for cooking seasonal stars such as parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, salsify and Seville oranges. Below is an example February menu to give you a feel. The exact menu is usually set at the last minute so that the best seasonal produce available from Riverford at the time can be used, and so that any returning guests can learn something new.

Jerusalem artichoke & celery soup

Beetroot risotto with goat's cheese & chilli

Slow-roasted salsify with lemon

Marmalade bread & butter pudding

“I have thoroughly enjoyed these classes. I have learned many new skills and the classes have given me ideas on using seasonal vegetables. I have used many of the recipes again.”

“Thank you for another wonderfully inspiring and enjoyable evening.”

Date: Tuesday 11th February, repeated Wednesday 12th February 2014 if demand

Time: 7pm - 10pm

Location: London N5 (Arsenal tube 2 mins walk)

Price: £45 per person per class. Or £120 for 3 Cooking Club class places, which could be 3 for you, or you plus 2 friends, or as gifts, or any combination of those options.

To book: Email Anna Please read the booking terms & conditions before booking your place. Thank you.

Winter Preserving workshops, 8th, 9th, 15th & 16th Feb 2014

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smPreservingFeb20130101t.jpgIn partnership with Riverford, the lovely organic veg box people, I offer seasonal preserving workshops. We cover all the basics of preserving fruits and vegetables and together we make five you can take home.

You'll learn about sterilising jars, using sugar, salt and vinegar correctly as preservatives, reaching ‘setting point’ for jams and jellies, and more. Class sizes are kept small and very hands-on. As well as your filled jars, there are recipes and guidance notes to take home.

smPreservingFeb20130124.jpgThe February Winter Preserving workshops will be a citrus extravaganza and include:

Seville orange marmalade
Moroccan preserved lemons

Spiced pickled oranges
Tangerine jam
Blood orange & port jelly

smpreservedlemonmaking0001.jpg"Thanks again for such a brilliant day and for sharing your wonderful skills. I can't believe how much we made and how much I learned in your lovely kitchen!"

"The pace was just right- a good combination of a bit of the science behind preserving, a hands on approach to learning, and the opportunity to chat and discuss. I think the size of the class was ideal."

smPreservingFeb20130055t.jpgDates: Saturday 8th, repeated Sunday 9th, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th February 2013

Time: 10am - 3pm

Location: London N5

Price: £80, or two places for £144 (includes lunch with wine)

To book: email Anna Please read the booking terms & conditions before booking your place. Thank you.

Paella Nights, Tues 4th & Weds 5th February 2014

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riceclass.jpegJoin Catalan culinary expert Rachel McCormack and Anna for a Spanish rice masterclass.  We will cover three very different techniques for cooking rice, all traditional in Spain, and then enjoy our creations for dinner with wine and a delicious dessert.  If you've always wanted to perfect your paella, this is the class for you!


Valencian paella with chicken & rabbit

Catalan rice with octopus

Aros al forno with pork ribs and black pudding

Hazelnut croquante with hazelnut soup and vanilla ice cream


hazelnut.jpegRachel is originally from Scotland but spent most of her twenties living in Barcelona, where she caught the Catalan obsession with food.  She now lives in London where she teaches cooking classes, runs food markets and writes about food.  She is also a regular panelist on BBC Radio 4's The Kitchen Cabinet, for which Anna works as food consultant behind the scenes (having had the idea for the show). 


This event will be in Anna's home teaching kitchen and is limited to just 8 guests. 


Dates: Tuesday 4th, repeated Wednesday 5th February 2014

Time: 7pm-10pm

Location: London N5

Price: £80, or two places for £144 (includes dinner with wine)

To book:
email Anna Please read the booking terms & conditions before booking your place. Thank you.

Home Bread workshops, Sat 1st & Sun 2nd February 2014

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smhomebreadmarch20130004.jpgWe will focus on how to fit making your own bread into a busy life. Who has the time to knead dough after work every day, let alone wait for it to rise twice before you bake it? At this class you will learn cunning techniques and recipes for making your own delicious bread effortlessly, and without using a bread machine!

smbreadclassesnov20110019.jpgAfter this hands-on intensive workshop you will be able to make a range of easy breads - classic white boules, walnut and olive breads, focaccia, naan and flatbreads - without any of them being a chore. Homemade pizza or pitta on a school night will suddenly become a possibility! You will work with a range of top quality organic and stoneground flours including wholewheat, malted and spelt.

homebreadclass.jpgWhat’s more you will go home with a homemade bread-making kit specially sourced by Anna which will include all the essentials you need to get going immediately, even your own tub of bread dough to last you the week and wooden peel for loading bread into the oven. Plus of course there will be plenty of the freshly baked bread you have made to take home.

The workshop includes a delicious seasonal lunch showcasing different types of bread. You can see pictures from previous Home Bread classes here, here and here.

ArtisanBreadNov20120067.jpgDates: Saturday 1st February, repeated Sunday 2nd February 2014

Time: 10am - 4pm

Location: London N5

Price: £120, or two for £216

To book: Email Anna

Please read the booking terms & conditions before booking your place. Thank you.


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