Special New Nordic Secret Kitchen, Sat 22nd March 2014

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saltbakedceleriac.jpgNew Nordic Spring

with guest chef Mia Kristensen from Copenhagen


Cucumber and dill aquavit shots
Crab, radish and salmon roe salad on toasted sourdough
Mussels on the half shell with sour apple dressing
Deep fried sourdough starter with celeriac leaf pesto


Salt-baked celeriac with fluffy herb butter 


100C-baked salmon on rye-otto with spring vegetables and parsley cream


Rye, chocolate, blackcurrant & skyr parfait

Burnt hazelnuts with malt and licorice


The Secret Kitchen:

smSKJan20120002.jpgThe Secret Kitchen is the monthly Culinary Anthropologist supperclub that has been running since January 2010. For the second time, Anna is hosting guest chef Mia Kristensen from Copenhagen to create a special New Nordic Spring menu. Bookings for this special dinner must be paid for in advance to be confirmed.


When: 7.30pm-11pm, Saturday 22nd March 2014

Where: North London

Drinks: we will provide an aperitif; you are welcome to bring wine

Price: £40

To book: email Anna who will provide payment details


Mia Kristensen's approach to New Nordic cuisine:

Mia black-white.jpgThe world’s best restaurant, Noma in Copenhagen, has propelled new Nordic cuisine into the limelight. Chef René Redzepi’s innovative approach showcases the finest indigenous Nordic ingredients in fresh, light menus. Many of these ingredients also grow in Britain, or can be easily sourced. But with dishes such as edible soil, oyster porridge and chicken skin sandwich, this is not food most mere mortals can recreate at home.

Step in Mia Kristensen. Mia’s company CPH Good Food offers Nordic cuisine classes in Copenhagen to help home cooks translate the New Nordic movement into do-able, delicious and healthy home cooking. Culinary Anthropologist has teamed up with CPH Good Food to bring new Nordic cuisine and its innovative use of all things seasonal, wild, smoked and preserved to London.

“I am passionate about Nordic cuisine - its seasonality, lightness of ingredients and symbiotic relationship to nature. Nordic foods contain all five basic tastes and this makes it complete. Many ingredients are found in nature, which encourages wonderful family trips, cooking in nature and of course eating together,” says Mia Kristensen.

New Nordic cooking classes in London:

smNewNordicAutumnAnna0029.jpgAnna and Mia collaborate to offer seasonal New Nordic cooking classes in London.  Check Anna's class list for upcoming dates.


[Celeriac photo credit:  Mia Kristensen]

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