Secret Kitchen menu, 26th April 2014

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wildgarlicIstria.JPGfresh water, spring herbs

Aqua-dill cocktails
Spring greens rolls

Crayfish and wild garlic butter
with lovage shots

Duck in its broth
with spring vegetables and herbs

Mint, sorrel, sweet woodruff

Home-made liqueurs

Tonight's dinner

While I'm not a slave to the over-simplified mantras of Seasonal and Local, I do enjoy cooking and eating foods which make sense together, and for the time of year.  Spring is wet and green, and so is tonight's dinner.

Tonight's menu was inspired by the foods brought to us by fresh waters - rice, crayfish, duck and (for those who don't eat meat) trout - plus all the herbs now growing fast and vibrant green as spring gets going.  I've tried to incorporate as many as possible - dill, parsley, lovage (from the garden), wild garlic (foraged recently in Istria), thyme, tarragon, chervil, chives, mint, sorrel and sweet woodruff (also from the garden).

Suppliers included Riverford Organic vegetables, my local butcher Chris Godfrey and greengrocer Mrs Lovell.

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