Special Moroccan Secret Kitchen, Fri 16th & Sat 17th May 2014

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Special Moroccan Secret Kitchen

with Katharina Graf


Minced meat pastries (kefta briwat)

with cucumber & thyme cocktails and carrot & peach juice 


Freshly baked bread (batbout) with lentil & tomato dip (shlada bel âadiss),

aubergine salad (zâalouk), green pepper salad (taktouka) and olives


Thrice-steamed couscous with lamb in sweet onion, raisin and almond sauce (tfaya),

served with buttermilk (lben)


Sesame & aniseed butter cookies (ghriba), almond pastries (mhancha)

and date & honey pastries (briwat bet timar) with fresh fruit

Moroccan mint tea and spiced coffee



For this special Secret Kitchen Anna is collaborating with fellow anthropologist Katharina Graf.

K Graf pic Street market.jpgFor Katharina cooking, eating and thinking about food go hand in hand.  Initially a geographer by training, during her repeated stays in Morocco she fell in love with its cuisine and was struck by food’s centrality to social life.  After moving to London to study anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, she returned to Morocco to carry out extensive field research in Marrakech’s homes and kitchens.  Katharina is currently writing and cooking up her doctoral dissertation. 

K Graf pic Bread making.jpegKatharina will not only be bringing her Marrakech recipes and culinary talents to this Secret Kitchen but also her anthropological insights.  Each course will be introduced with a short commentary covering the practices and flavours of cooking in Morocco, and its relationship to the seasons, religion and tourism, among other things. 


K Graf pic Shaping sweets.jpgDates:  Friday 16th and Saturday 17th May

Time:  7.30pm-11pm

Location:  Highbury, London N5, near Arsenal tube

Price:  £40. £30 for students.

To book:  email Anna

Please read the booking terms & conditions before booking your place. Thank you.


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