Special Mexican Secret Kitchen, Fri 17th & Sat 18th Oct 2014

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The surprising story of the taco

with Claudia Prieto Piastro


Hibiscus crazy water (aguas locas) with chia

Fermented pineapple water (tepache)

Corn tamales with mole dip and corn fungus (huitlacoche)


Wheat tacos árabes with marinated beef, lime and chilli

with three salsas:  avocado, chipotle and drunken salsa


Tacos al pastor with grilled pineapple, onion and coriander

Cactus salad (nopales) and charred onions (cebollitas)

Refried black beans with totopos (frijoles negros refritos)


Sweet pumpkin with Mexican brown sugar (calabaza en tacha)

Lemon and tequila sorbet


Café de olla

Peanuts in honey (palanqueta)


The Secret Kitchen

smSKJan20120002.jpgThe Secret Kitchen is the monthly Culinary Anthropologist supperclub that has been running since January 2010.  For the first time, Anna is hosting guest chef and fellow anthropologist Claudia Prieto Piastro from Mexico to create a special Mexican menu. 

Bookings for the Secret Kitchen must be paid for in advance to be confirmed.


Claudia Prieto Piastro and the surprising story of the taco

Claudia Prieto-Piastro is a Mexican PhD student at Kings College London.  Her research uses an anthropological approach to analyse how food is related to the construction of nationalism in Mexico and Israel. 

Our dinner will not only present the traditional and delicious flavours of Mexican cuisine, but also demonstrate the roles which colonialism and migration have played in the kitchen.  Come along to discover and taste the surprising story of the taco!


When: 7.30pm-11pm, Saturday 18th Oct 2014 (and Fri 17th Oct if demand)

Where: Highbury N5, London

Drinks: we will provide an aperitif; you are welcome to bring wine

Price: £40 / £30 for full-time students

To book: email Anna who will provide payment details

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