Secret Kitchen menu, 15th November 2014

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IMG_4737t.jpga celebration of autumn

Fall Classics

Sourdough with sweet chestnuts, lardo & truffle


Radicchio, persimmon, walnut & Perl Las salad


Wild boar & teran stew, smoky polenta

Carrots & beetroots agrodolce, cavolo nero


Hazelnut brownies, vanilla & pear ice cream,

malvasija-poached pears, spruce syrup


Home-made liqueurs

Tonight's dinner

Our menu celebrates autumn produce and has an Italian-Istrian theme.  The combination of lardo with chestnuts and truffle is one we have enjoyed in Italy in various forms.  The wild boar stew is based on those cooked in Istria, where wild boar are common.  Teran is the local red wine, and pairs well with game.  The idea for smoky polenta came from experiences in Valle d'Aosta, where polenta is sometimes still cooked over a wood fire.  Today I smoked the butter and added this to the polenta.  Ingredients were sourced from Riverford Organic in Devon and the Wild Meat Company in Suffolk.  Everything is home-made, including the sourdough, chestnut jam, ice cream and liqueurs.

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