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Cooking Club, Tues 10th & Weds 11th March 2015

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classinkitchen.jpgThe Cooking Club is a monthly series of classes that you can dip in and out of as you please. At each class we cook a seasonal vegetarian supper, the stars of which are Riverford‘s beautiful organic vegetables and fruits. This class is perfect for those who want to eat seasonally and are after a little recipe inspiration (as well as a fun night out).

Classes are usually held on the second Tuesday and/or Wednesday of the month, 7pm-10pm. We cook together for a couple of hours - learning different culinary techniques each month - and then sit to enjoy a convivial dinner around the kitchen table with wine.

smchardchickpeas0005.jpgBelow is an example March menu to give you a feel. The exact menu is usually set at the last minute so that the best seasonal produce available from Riverford at the time can be used, and so that any returning guests can learn something new.

Butternut squash hummus

Lebanese parsnip & date salad

Syrian beetroot & yoghurt dip

Turkish egg meze with crispy sage & chilli

Moroccan style chard with olives & preserved lemon

Hot lemon soufflés


smboiledeggmeze0001.jpg"I couldn’t speak more highly of Anna’s cooking class. We learnt some great new flavour combinations and ways of using seasonal vegetables. Very fun and friendly!"

"The Cooking Club was such GREAT fun and DELICIOUS … I very much look forward to coming back."

"Last night was fantastic. Was completely inspired by what we cooked and that I could potentially do that all at home! Really had a good evening - thank you."


Dates: Tues 10th, repeated Weds 11th March 2015

Time: 7pm - 10pm

Location: London N5 (Arsenal tube 2 mins walk)

Price: £50 per person per class. Or £135 for 3 Cooking Club class places

To book: Email Anna

Please read the booking terms & conditions before booking your place. Thank you.

Home Bread workshops, Sat 7th & Sun 8th March 2015

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smHomeBread2ndFeb20140029.jpgWe will focus on how to fit making your own bread into a busy life.  Who has the time to knead dough after work every day, let alone wait for it to rise twice before you bake it?  At this class you will learn cunning techniques and recipes for making your own delicious bread effortlessly, and without using a bread machine!

After this hands-on intensive workshop you will be able to make a range of easy breads - classic white boules, walnut and olive breads, focaccia, naan and flatbreads - without any of them being a chore.  Homemade pizza or pitta on a school night will suddenly become a possibility!  You will work with a range of top quality organic and stoneground flours including wholewheat, malted and spelt.

Five min bread0002.jpgWhat’s more you will go home with a homemade bread-making kit specially sourced by Anna which will include all the essentials you need to get going immediately, even your own tub of bread dough to last you the week and wooden peel for loading bread into the oven.  Plus of course there will be plenty of the freshly baked bread you have made to take home.

The workshop includes a delicious seasonal lunch showcasing different types of bread.  You can see pictures from last year’s Home Bread workshops here.

smHomeBread2ndFeb20140019.jpg"The bread course was life changing - I haven’t bought bread since as I’ve been making my own… and it’s much nicer."

"I thought it was great value for money and it more than met my expectations. I learnt more than I’d hoped. Loved the fact that we came away with options for very quick dinners as well as breads. Fridge dough is a revelation."

smHomeBread1stFeb20140011.jpg"Since the course I did with you on basic bread-making, I have become the family baker - there are six of us, and I bake anything up to eight loaves a week! The children love the fresh bread and beg me not to stop. And it’s a source of great pleasure."

Dates:  Sat 7th / Sun 8th March 2015

Time:  10am - 4pm

Location:  London N5

Price:  £120 per person. Or £216 for two.

To book:  Email Anna

Please read the booking terms & conditions before booking your place. Thank you.




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