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Aug 17: The milk of human kindness
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Oct 27: Oil, vinegar and phonological assimilation
May 22: To Romania in a spoon
May 18: Ottoman or not?

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Jan 13: Eggs that can't be beaten
Dec 18: Better lait than never
Dec 15: Life is a cabaret

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The milk of human kindness

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We are in the Rodopi Mountains in southern Bulgaria, pondering why it is people here are said to live longer than anywhere else.  The fresh air and clean spring water?  The famous yoghurt (or "sour milk", as it is classified here)?  Or perhaps what must be Bulgaria's national dish - fresh salad piled high with excellent tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers - consumed in vast quantities.  

Having driven to Sofia for Matt to attend a conference, we decided to hang around afterwards to explore the mountains south and east of the capital.  Our previous experience of this country was limited, to say the least, and this needed rectifying.  Surely not everyone subsisted on green salad, rakia and cigarettes?

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