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Week off

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It's officially The Holidays here (Thanksgiving), so everyone is  having a very long weekend and planning on eating vast quantities of turkey and other delights.  Would be rude not to join in, so I am taking a week off the recipe writing.  Hopefully you'll benefit from my experiments - Matt and I are going to some cabin up north with a VW Cabrio full of food to cook...

Black cod with miso

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It was fairly clear in the end:
Black cod: 9; Roast chicken: 6; Aubergine soup: 5; Squash soup: 2

Thanks for all the votes.  You were right about the squash soup - it's not quite as nice as the other dishes.  I'll send the recipes for the chicken and the aubergine soup another week.  The squash soup has obligingly resigned.  (Voting has gone pretty well over here in the US of A too.)

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