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Turkish poached apricots with clotted cream

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Turkey is the world’s leading apricot producer, and the town synonymous with their production is Malatya, in eastern central Anatolia.  The orchards around Malatya provide some 95% of all of Turkey’s dried apricots.  I try to buy the dark brown dried apricots as the bright orange ones have been treated with sulphur. 

smturkishapricots0001.jpgIf you can get mulberry or grape molasses - called ‘pekmez’ in Turkish - add some to the syrup to make this dessert extra delicious.  In Turkey these apricots would be served with buffalo milk clotted cream, called ‘kaymak’ in Turkish.  You can use regular cow’s milk clotted cream, crème fraîche, whipped cream or mascarpone.  This recipe is adapted from Ghillie Başan, a cookbook writer.  

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