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Secret Kitchen menu, 19th May 2012

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smrhubarb0001_1.jpgRhubarb & Garlic

Goat’s cheese crostini
with rhubarb chutney
and wild garlic pesto
Rhubarb cordial cocktails
Wild garlic soup

Navarin of lamb with spring vegetables,
grilled sourdough and summer greens with wet garlic

Rhubarb tart with ginger ice cream

Liqueurs  and coffee

Photo 19-05-2012 12 11 26 PM.jpg

About tonight’s menu

This menu wrote itself after a trip to Devon earlier this week landed me armfuls of wild garlic from the woods, and my lovely local greengrocer texted me to say she was off to a farm to pick rhubarb on Thursday.  So here they are.

Tis the season for all things new and fresh – immature garlic and onions, still ‘wet’ rather than papery, tiny turnips from France (where they know they’re essential for navarin),  and of course Jersey Royal new potatoes.  Hopefully putting them all together with some of local butcher Chris Godfrey‘s spring lamb and my homemade sourdough can’t go wrong…

Rhubarb and ginger also seemed like a good idea, as did rhubarb kir royales.  The rhubarb cordial was easy to make:  I stewed 3kg chopped rhubarb with a dash of water until soupy, strained it through a jelly bag overnight, then heated the juice with sugar and lime juice to taste – approx 900g and 120ml respectively.  This made 2 litres.

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