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Special Moroccan Secret Kitchen, Fri 16th & Sat 17th May 2014

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Special Moroccan Secret Kitchen

with Katharina Graf


Minced meat pastries (kefta briwat)

with cucumber & thyme cocktails and carrot & peach juice 


Freshly baked bread (batbout) with lentil & tomato dip (shlada bel âadiss),

aubergine salad (zâalouk), green pepper salad (taktouka) and olives


Thrice-steamed couscous with lamb in sweet onion, raisin and almond sauce (tfaya),

served with buttermilk (lben)


Sesame & aniseed butter cookies (ghriba), almond pastries (mhancha)

and date & honey pastries (briwat bet timar) with fresh fruit

Moroccan mint tea and spiced coffee



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