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Smbeachpint0001.JPGSmwhitstable0001.JPGAs soon as we got off the ferry from France we headed north to Whitstable to remind ourselves that English food can really be quite good too.  B&Bs produce delicious (if extremely expensive) cooked breakfasts, restaurants serve excellent tasty fresh seafood, and people drink large glasses of refreshing beer on the beach.  Not at all bad.

Smkentpear0001.JPGSo now we’re back in England for August.  We’ve spent the day pretending to still be travelling, visiting the fruit collection at Brogdale where they keep enormous numbers of apple, pear and cherry tree varieties (amongst others) as a kind of scientific and agricultural gene bank.  But now we’re looking down the barrel of several weeks of doctor’s visits, visa applications, four-wheel-drive and first-aid courses before we get to leave again to head south to Africa in September.  We’ll keep you posted.

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