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Catalan Pig Days, Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd Nov 2014

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salami.jpegJoin Catalan culinary expert Rachel McCormack and Anna for a glorious day of pig cookery and general piggery. We will celebrate the pig by using its various parts for a delicious breakfast, hearty lunch and sausages to take away, as is done at the annual pig slaughter in villages around the world.


We will make:

Frit Mallorquin – a breakfast dish using liver

Trotters a la Catalana – to enjoy for lunch with rice, and roasted with honey

Catalan black pudding – with a couple of variations

Fuet sausages – a classic Catalan salami

Sweet pig’s blood pancakes – for dessert

…and we will also use the pig’s head so as not to waste anything.


smmorcilla0001.jpgRachel is originally from Scotland but spent most of her twenties living in Barcelona, where she caught the Catalan obsession with food. She now lives in London where she teaches cooking classes, runs food markets and writes about food. She is also a regular panelist on BBC Radio 4’s The Kitchen Cabinet, for which Anna works as food consultant behind the scenes (having had the idea for the show).

Rachel has run several very popular Pig Days at other venues for crowds of 20-30 people. This event will be in Anna’s home teaching kitchen and is limited to just 8 guests. It will be a very hands on class, with plenty of pig for everyone to get their hands into. Not for the squeamish.


See photos from our previous Pig Days here.

What a fantastic and unique day. I really enjoyed the food (top marks to the pig’s head meat + brain fried with sherry), conversation and having the opportunity to dive into masses of pig meat and fat. It was a great experience.”

Yesterday was lovely … welcoming hosts, a lovely atmosphere, and we made sausages! Which was very cool. The kitchen worked well, and looked nice too. The wine was lovely and the sherry. The rice dish was delicious. … I would recommend the day to anyone, it was great fun, and I feel a big sense of achievement!

Event:Catalan Pig Days
Date(s):Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd Nov 2014
Time:10am - 4pm
Location:London N5
Price:£120, or two places for £216 (includes breakfast and a late lunch with wine)
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