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Curing & Smoking masterclasses, Sat 3rd & Sun 4th June 2017

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At this masterclass you will learn all the basics of salt-curing and hot-smoking – both of which can easily be done at home using simple DIY kit.

You will learn how to cure and smoke fish, meat and dairy products, how to make different cure mixes and about different wood smokes.

The class will end with a delicious lunch featuring our cured and smoked foods, and there will be pancetta to take home.



Gravadlax with mustard dill sauce

Hot-smoked salmon, trout and mackerel

with horseradish crème fraîche

Home-made bacon

Hot-smoked chicken & kohlrabi salad

Hot-smoked egg & bacon salad

Roast carrot & smoked yoghurt salad

Like visiting old, and very well informed, friends for lunch, turning up early, pitching in and learning how to make everything. Great food and people. I had done a bit of smoking before but still learned loads.”

Many thanks for a lovely day. Especially liked the radioactive eggs. All great and as ever beautifully made simple for us mortals to follow.”

Thanks for such a great class, it was brilliant fun and I learnt a lot.”

Relaxed, very hands on approach – doing it yourself does lend confidence.”


Event:Curing and Smoking masterclass
Date(s):Saturday 3rd, repeated Sunday 4th June 2017
Time:10am - around 2.30pm
Location:London N5
Price:£120, or two for £216 (includes lunch with wine)
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