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New Nordic Spring, Sat 21st & Sun 22nd May 2016

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This May we’re going to cook up a modern Scandinavian springtime feast, with a brand new menu for our Nordic series:

Pine shoot cordial

Spelt & nettle crispbreads with home-made butter

Open sandwiches with crab and white asparagus

Chicken fricassée with spring vegetables & herbs

Rustic spelt baguettes and crisp herb salad

Brown butter, hazelnut & potato cake with rhubarb ice cream

The world’s best restaurant, Noma in Copenhagen, has propelled new Nordic cuisine into the limelight. Chef René Redzepi’s innovative approach showcases the finest indigenous Nordic ingredients in fresh, light menus. Many of these ingredients also grow in Britain, or can be easily sourced. But with dishes such as oyster porridge, veal and blackcurrant cookies and chicken skin sandwich, this is not food most mere mortals can recreate at home.

Mia black-whiteStep in Mia Kristensen. Mia’s company CPH Good Food offers Nordic cuisine classes in Copenhagen to help home cooks translate the new Nordic diet movement into do-able, delicious and healthy home cooking. Culinary Anthropologist has been working with CPH Good Food for several years now to bring new Nordic cuisine and its innovative use of all things seasonal, wild, smoked and preserved to Anna’s home teaching kitchen in London.

“I am passionate about Nordic cuisine – its seasonality, lightness of ingredients and symbiotic relationship to nature. Nordic foods contain all five basic tastes and this makes it complete. Many ingredients are found in nature, which encourages wonderful family trips, cooking in nature and of course eating together,” says Mia Kristensen.

With an MSc in Food Science, Mia will share her knowledge of the whys and wherefores of cooking during our hands-on class, providing an insight into the culinary magic of restaurants like Noma.

The Scandinavian class was quite outstanding, such good fun, informative as always and the most delicious and enormous dinner.”

Thanks for an inspirational afternoon. So many tips, such a lot of fun – and such nice people!”

I shall definitely be rustling up some of the dishes we created. My taste buds totally appreciated the flavour combinations.”

Event:New Nordic Spring
Date(s):Saturday 21st, repeated Sunday 22nd May 2016
Time:10am - 2pm
Location:London N5
Price:£90, or two for £162 (includes lunch with wine)
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Photo credits: Mia Kristensen