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  1. Black cod with miso

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    It was fairly clear in the end:

    Black cod: 9; Roast chicken: 6;
    Aubergine soup: 5;
    Squash soup: 2

    Thanks for all the votes.  You were right about the squash soup – it’s
    not quite as nice as the other dishes.  I’ll send the recipes for the
    chicken and the aubergine soup another week.  The squash soup has
    obligingly resigned.  (Voting has gone pretty well over here in the US
    of A too.)

    black cod with miso.jpg


  2. Pot stickers

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    OK, this one looks a little long and complicated… BUT you should try
    it as really it’s easy and the results are delicious.  Let me know which
    option you like best if you try them.  I guess Sainsbury’s might not do
    pot sticker wrappers and you may need visit your local Chinatown, if you
    have one.  They will be in the refrigerated section.

    Pot stickers.JPGThere are hundreds of different recipes for pot stickers.  The Japanese version tends to use thinner wrappers, which I prefer to the more doughy Chinese version.  I was inspired to experiment with different fillings and wrappers by the delicious pot stickers you can get in little dim sum restaurants in San Francisco’s Chinatown.  I couldn’t decide which of these three fillings I liked best, which is why you’re getting them all…