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Refusing to be cowed

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Smbarnabycow0001.jpgToday Barnaby challenged Malina to a staring contest.  They both claim to have won but we couldn’t really tell.

Malina (Polish for ‘Raspberry’) was enjoying some free time between morning and evening milkings.  She provides the entire Łatka family, and us today, with organic milk. 

Mrs Łatka cleverly transforms the milk into sour cream, butter and cottage cheese, using not much other than a warm room and a food processor.  The whey and buttermilk don’t go to waste – not only do they make delicious drinks on their own, but they also go into a number of Mrs Łatka’s homemade treats, including her żurek soup and linseed bread.  Go and stay with them in Barcice Dolne and you’ll see what I mean. 

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