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Secret Kitchen menu, 16th Jan 2010

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Home-made sloe gin and tonic

Goose rillettes canapés with pickled gherkins and cranberry relish

Jerusalem artichoke soup with Basque chilli pepper oil

Slow-cooked Texel lamb with pearl barley ‘risotto’, baby turnips and pickled nasturtium pod gremolata

Tarte Tatin with crème fraîche ice cream

Coffee, green walnut liqueur and truffles

Where was it from?

Sloes – the fields around Ware, Hertfordshire

Goose – Higher Fringle Farm, Devon (organic)

Gherkins – Laverstoke Farm, Hampshire (organic), lacto-fermented in our cellar, Polish-style

Texel lamb – Stocks Farm, Essex (organic)

Baby turnips – Perry Court Farm, Kent (biodynamic)

Nasturtium pods – Mum’s garden, Cambridge

Liqueurs – made with foraged fruits and nuts and 97% alcohol smuggled from Italy

Coffee – Union Hand-Roasted (organic, fairtrade)

73% dark chocolate – The Chocolate Alchemist (organic)

Other ingredients were from local shops, Abel & Cole, Riverford Farm and Ocado.  Many were organic.

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