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Secret Kitchen, 24th Jan 2015: thinking of Scotland

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thinking of Scotland

Clementine whisk(e)y cocktails

Hot-smoked fish, horseradish, biscuits


Neeps & tatties with liquorice


Mutton with barley, haggis & prunes

Turnips, carrots, kale


Sticky toffee pudding

Clotted cream


Sloe liqueurs


Tonight’s dinner

In honour of Burns Night tomorrow and my own wee bit of Scottish heritage, tonight’s menu plays with ingredients we associate with Scotland: whisky, salmon, oats, swedes (‘neeps’), potatoes, mutton and barley. Being frosty outside, it also seemed appropriate to warm things up with spices, and to serve maybe my favourite pud – Sticky Toffee.

This month is also the fifth anniversary of the Secret Kitchen. Woo hoo!! Over the last 5 years we’ve held 50 of these communal dinners, with menus inspired by the seasons, our travels, favourite ingredients and special guest chefs. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know the Secret Kitchen guests, trying out new dishes and building a team of fantastic assistants. Many thanks go to Matt for accommodating us all, and devising most of the cocktails.

A note on whisky: We’ve used several tonight – Scotch, bourbon and rye. If it’s American, it’s spelt with an ‘e’ – whiskey.

Today most of the vegetables came from Riverford, and the mutton from the Ginger Pig in Borough Market.

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