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Secret Kitchen, 13th July 2013: Garden inspiration

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nasturtiums.jpggarden inspiration

Lovage G&Ts
Gazpacho shots with guindillas

Figs, peaches, prosciutto & mozzarella

Salmon baked in fig leaves with nasturtium butter,
new potatoes, courgettes and garden leaves

Cherry meringue cake

Homemade liqueur

The Secret Kitchen

The Secret Kitchen is my monthly supperclub that has been running in Highbury since January 2010.  Upcoming dates are advertised in the Culinary Anthropologist newsletter.  Past menus can be found here.

Tonight’s dinner – and a little game

The menu was inspired by things growing in the back garden.  Guests formed teams of up to five people to identify all the ingredients used in the menu which are growing in the garden.  (Not that everything actually comes from the garden!)  One point was awarded for every correct ingredient, and one point deducted for every incorrect item.  The winning team went home with edible prizes…

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